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Marriage Registration In Delhi

Marriage Certificate Delhi

Marriage Registration In Delhi service also known as marriage certificate Delhi is available without any hassle. We work honestly and transparently at low price.

To avail this service, first of all the client has to provide date of birth proof, address proof, marriage invitation card, 4-5 marriage photos of different ceremonies and 1-1 Passport size photograph of both husband and wife. In case marriage invitation card is not available then date and place of marriage is necessary. Marriage Ceremony photographs may be of varmala, mangalsutra, sindoor, saptapadi or any other photographs proving marriage ceremony.

4-5 marriage photos are required because in every division different size and type of photograph is required.

In addition to above documents the client has to provide pan card and address proof of two witnesses in case of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and three witnesses in case of Special Marriage Act 1954. The witnesses can be from anywhere in India.

Clients have to send the above mentioned documents either on given whatsapp number or mail ID. Clients can submit document at our office also on working days in office timings.

50% of our fee is payable in advance along with documents and remaining 50% once your file gets ready. The payment can be done through Google Pay or Phone Pay number 7065606060 in the name of Smt Alka Durga who is proprietor of Delhi Marriage Registration. The payment can also be done through NEFT or IMPS.

Thereafter work of client will be initiated and appointment from marriage registrar will be arranged. Please note that though we have everything under one rough, even then it takes around 3 hours for us to arrange an appointment.

Thereafter the complete file will be delivered at address of client so that the same can be taken at marriage registrar office on appointment day as per schedule.

On appointment day husband, wife along with two witnesses in case of Hindu Marriage and three witnesses in case of Special Marriage have to appear before the marriage registrar in Delhi and marriage certificate by Delhi Government is approved within 1-4 hours. The whole process from sending documents till approval takes around 1-2 working days in tatkal and 4-6 working days in non tatkal cases. Clients have to carry all original documents on appointment day as the originals are cross checked by marriage registrar.

Government fee as per rules is payable at registrar office on the day of appointment only through debit/credit card or the same can also be paid online before arranging appointment and the fee is fixed at Rs. 500 for all the marriages solemnized before 1st May 2014.

For marriages solemnized after April 30th, 2014 government fee will be Rs 500 if marriage registration in Delhi is done within 60 days of its solemnization and Rs 1000 if marriage registration is done between 61-120 days from the date of marriage and Rs 1500 if it is done after 120 days of marriage.

The fee paid to us by clients is fully refundable if clients have to visit more than twice to avail this service at registrar office

Beware: Please note that the success rate on appointment day is less than 35% and couples who try to get it done on their own or through unprofessionals usually suffer a lot along with witnesses. It is pertinent to mention here that every division has its own affidavit formats and online affidavit format leads to rejection of cases on appointment day. Further marriage registration can be done on any one of the three divisions. As per law the first priority is place of marriage followed by address of husband and then address of wife. Marriage certificate is an important legal document to prove marriage, which is used for different purposes. Some people are promoting themselves on the net and making false claims for being advocates/lawyers with chambers/offices. Over phone they make false claims to have offices/chambers knowing fully well that in most of the clients will not visit. Some of them can not even spell the name of client correctly. Clients who obtain marriage registration services from them usually pay more and in most cases suffer a lot.


 Before availing this service just make some conversation in simple English language over phone or whatsapp and client will learn the true colours of so called advocates with chambers or offices.

If provided phone number is not reachable, unanswered, busy or after office hours due to any reason whatsoever, the clients can write their query on whatsapp number 07065606060.

Our Fee

INR 2000 appointment with registrar will be fixed within 1-2 working days for Hindu/Anand Marriage Act which covers religions of Hindus, Budhists, Sikhs & Jains.

IN case either bride or groom is not a citizen of India then INR 3000 extra.

For special marriage cases which applies to Muslims, Christians and Inter-religious marriages INR 1000 extra.

For urgent service popularily called Tatkal service Government fee is INR 1000 in addition to registration fee.

As per Government guidelines, marriage certificate is uploaded by Delhi Government on its website within 21 days from the date of appointment so that clients can take printout of the same.

Our fee includes hard copies of marriage ceremony photographs, passport size photographs of husband and wife, photocopies of all documents including that of witnesses, all required forms, online and offline work including all required affidavits of husband, wife and witnesses. Our clients do not have to move out of their homes even for a photocopy for preparation of file.

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What We Do

We provide service of marriage registration or marriage certificate throughout Delhi for married couples at low price in transparent manner.

Documents Required :

Online Marriage Registration in Delhi

If you wish to obtain the above service then get ready with following documents and further we will proceed for online marriage registration as per your convenience.

1.Aadhaar Card of husband and wife if both are Indian citizens. In case of Non Indians, aadhaar card is not required.

2. Any one of the following for date of birth proof of husband and wife.

A. Passport.

B.. School passing certificate by recognized board.

C. Birth certificate issued by Government.

D. Driving License.

3. Any one of the following as address proof of husband and wife.

A.Voter Card.

B. Driving License.

C. Passport.

D. Bank Passbook with photograph.

4. Marriage Invitation Card or marriage certificate issued by any authorized religious institution.

5. 1-1 Passport Size photo of Husband & Wife.

6. Total two witnesses with Pan Card and address proof under Hindu Marriage Act and three witnesses under Special Marriage Act.

7. Divorce decree issued by competent judicial court if any one or both husband and wife are divorcee.

8. Death certificate issued by competent authority of previous spouse in case husband or wife is widow or widower.

9. In case of non Indian citizen single status certificate or no objection to marriage registration certificate from concerned embassy in Delhi.

10.VISA and residence proof in case of non Indian citizen.

11.Conversion proof issued by competent authority in case religion has been changed.


Supplementary Information to assist clients.

1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the only days in a week when appointment for marriage registration is provided by Delhi Government.

2. Either the husband or wife should have address proof of Delhi. If Delhi address is not available then please contact us on given number.

3. For urgent service also known as Tatkal service in Delhi our fee is extra. For Special Marriage Act and Non Indian cases also our fee is extra.

4. Delhi Government does not provide any hard copy of approved marriage registration. Clients have to download the certificate and take printout of the same. Clients can visit our office to avail printout service.

5. INR 2000 is for Hindu Marriage Act which covers Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist and Jain religions only.

6. For special marriage act cases, clients have to visit marriage registrar office again after 35 days once their application is approved.

7. Appointment can be arranged as per convenience of clients on working days only.

8. Witnesses can be relatives, friends, neighbours or parents.

9. Each witness has to provide 2 documents. Pan card is mandatory document and one address proof.

10. DMR is not responsible if marriage registrar or his/her staff is unavailable due to any reason whatsoever on appointment day. Further DMR is not responsible if server or internet is not working on appointment day. DMR shall refix the appointment for its clients free of cost, if any such situation arises.

11. The appointment timings are between 10:00 AM to 11:16 AM only and it normally takes 1 to 4 hours on appointment day.

12. If provided documents are not in English or Hindi language then translation charges of certified translator shall be extra.

13. Once you are ready with required documents then send the documents on whatsapp number 07065606060.

14. We work throughout Delhi and married couple residing in any area of Delhi or those residing outside Delhi but have address proof of Delhi may contact us to avail this service.

About Us

Delhi Marriage Registration provides service of Marriage Certificate In Delhi. If you are already married and want to get your marriage registered, we are here to help you. Door step service is provided. Delhi Marriage Registration is duly registered with Government of India.


Marriage Certificate

Getting Marriage Certificate was never so easy. We made it simple. You have to just give your proper documents and we will process the rest for you and at very nominal fee. We do believe in customer satisfaction. So if you or any of your refrence needs marriage certificate just call us or fill up details in enquiry form and we will take care of rest.

Privacy Policy

That the data of the client such as name, phone number, email id, address etc collected by Delhi Marriage Registration is only used for communication purpose with the client for the specific service and is not sold, leased or rented out the received data to anyone or any third party for consideration or without consideration in any manner whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

Q : How much is government fees for marriage registration in delhi?

Government Fees for Marriage Registration in Delhi is INR 500 for all marriages happened before 1st May 2014. For marriages happened after 30th April 2014, Government fee is INR 500 within 60 days of marriage, INR 1000 between 61-120 days of marriage and INR 1500 if marriage is more than 120 days old. This fee is for general appointment only. If someone wants urgent service also called Tatkal service then in addition to registration fee, Government charges are INR 1000 Extra.

Q : How much time it takes to get marriage certificate in Delhi?

Once documents and advance fee is paid to us, in non-tatkal it takes around 4-6 working days and 1-2 working days in tatkal cases to arrange appointment with marriage registrar in Delhi. After appointment marriage certificate is online uploaded by Delhi Government within 21 days but in some divisions of Delhi, it may be uploaded earlier but only in tatkal cases.

Q : What is the procedure of getting marriage certificate in Delhi?

The procedure of getting marriage certificate of Delhi is as follows-

1. Clients have to send required documents on provided mail ID or on whatsapp number 07065606060. Clients may submit documents at our office as well from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Location is available on Google maps.

2. In second step appointment with marriage registrar will be arranged as per convenience of clients on working days only between 10:00 AM to 11:16 AM only.

3. Then complete file will be delivered at address of client before appointment day.

4. Husband, wife along with 2 witnesses in case of Hindu Marriage Act and 3 witnesses in case of Special Marriage Act will appear before the marriage registrar with file and all original documents and in almost all cases marriage certificate is approved on the same day.

5. Marriage Certificate is online uploaded by Delhi Government within 21 days from the date of appointment.

Q : Do you work in my area of Delhi?

Yes. We provide marriage certificate service in all areas of Delhi. Married couple living in any area of Delhi or those living outside Delhi but have address proof of Delhi, may contact us to avail this service.

Q : How much is your fee for marriage certificate?

Our fee for marriage certificate in Delhi is INR 2000 for Hindu Marriage Act which applies to Hindus, Budhists, Sikhs and Jains. For Special Marriage Act cases our fee is INR 3000.

Marriage Registration Online

We believe in customer satisfaction and without any hassle process for Online registration of your marriage in Delhi.

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    We send our executive to pick up document so you do not have to worry about travelling.

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Online Marriage Certificate Delhi

If you wish to avail service of Online marriage certificate in Delhi or for other queries regarding marriage certificate, you can visit the office address mentioned below between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on working days and submit documents as well.

It is pertinent to mention that clients have to visit marriage registrar office in Delhi as per appointment and visiting our office by clients is not necessary to avail this service.


Delhi Marriage Registration neither has any capacity to register any marriage nor it claims so. Our responsibility is limited to the extent of documentation only for the purpose of obtaining marriage certificate for our clients as per guidelines of Delhi government. Marriage registration is solely done by marriage registrar at his/her discretion, who is appointed by Delhi government for this purpose.